Hey there! 👋
My name is Lucas.

I'm the engineer, designer and customer support at
Research Scale.


I started Research Scale because I grew tired of juggling around with my research projects for 1.5 years.

After publishing my first paper at a conference during my Master's Degree, we had the idea to submit a variation of that work to another upcoming conference.

I had to run new experiments, use different references, and write the new paper using another template.

I wanted to reuse stuff from my previous work, but where was it? All over the place.

Related work references were PDF links bookmarked across folders in my browser. Article versions I had written before were stored on my google drive. Experiment scripts were mostly on github, some in repositories others saved in gists. Image files were found on my laptop and in a shared dropbox folder.

It was a mess. It took me days to gather everything together.

We should have one place to manage everything related to a research project.

Connect with me via Twitter, LinkedIn or email.